BlueZone Financial

Have you reached your BlueZone?


We are all on the pathway to wealth and security. We work with you to provide financial advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances and stage of life.

Helping you achieve what is important to you

BlueZone working with you to help you identify your goals and putting
in place the steps to make them happen


People wanting to get ahead financially choose to seek professional advice to reach their BlueZone. Some key measures that identify people willing to take the wealth journey and advance themselves are:

• People that are committed to achieving financial success over the long term.

• People who have the potential to save each week to invest in assets for the future.

• People who are aged between 28 and 50 and who have more than 10 years until retirement.

We work with such client everyday and help them grow financially.

Choose what is right for you

No two lives are the same. We provide different solutions and help you choose what is right for you.

You need to invest your money in the right financial product, so that it not only gives you a good return but also exposes you to different markets and that further helps you to mitigates risk.

You need to set aside money during your working life for when you retire. For most people, super begins when you start work and your employer starts paying a portion of your salary or wages into a super fund for you

You need a road map to plan for your retirement. Adequacy of funds at the time of retirement are important to ensure a lifestyle that you need to maintain after you have stopped working.

You need to have a plan to reduce your debts and, in many cases, reduce the tenure of loans through proper planning and understanding of your cash flows.

You need to understand the risks of something adverse like death or disability happening to you and the impact it would have on providing a lifestyle/income to your surviving dependents.

You need to have a succession plan to determine how and by whom your assets will be managed for the benefit of your beneficiaries both during or after your lifetime.


BlueZone Financial takes the time to understand your goals and aspiration. We work with you to plan towards achieving your financial blue zone.

No one customers journey is alike, and we understand that a client’s situation changes along with times and it is imperative that plans are reviewed and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Every customer deserves to be treated differently

That is why at BlueZone our approach is tailored around our clients
and reaching their BlueZone


Implementation of the plan is a very important part of our financial planning process. We believe that the process of advice has to be a journey with the client. We review the plan on an ongoing basis so that it remains relevant to the changing situation of the client.


This is an important stage where, based on the Fact Find and client’s goals, we present a client with a Statement of Advice (SOA).


It is all about building our client’s list of desires, aspirations and objectives. We create a complete snapshot review of your financial position and goals.


Financial information will be gathered to understand your current position relative to your needs and goals.